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All artwork, designs and layouts are protected by copyright law under 3D Artwork, Inc. by Josh DeHaan. Any use that is conflicting with these guide lines or is unauthorized is strictly prohibited and enforced by copyright laws.
Copyright ©1998-2009 3D Artwork, Inc. & Josh DeHaan
Q1) Can I use your artwork online for my site, group, blog and or space? ONLY the free download versions of my artwork can be used for such things as long as they are not edited / altered in any way. The logo in the bottom right corner does not have to be in plane view, but it MUST be left on the artwork.
Q2) Is it ok to make money on my product while using your artwork designs? In the case where money would be made you would have to Contact Me about royalty percentages if sales are in a large enough market. Most times I will settle for a honorable mention and site address but please Contact Me for further info.
Q3) Can I use your artwork designs for my Business? A One time fee for a Unlimited License must be purchased. Depending on amount of use and terms, royalty percentages may be required as well. Contact Me for further info.
Q4) Can I post a link to my site on this site? Yes, you can always place one of my provided Support Banners on your site, space, profile ect. If you would like your link on this site too, you can message me on a link trade. I will look at your site to make sure it does not conflict with my interests, if it does not, then we can do a link trade but for your link to remain on this site, my link must be posted on the site advertised on my site!
Q6) Can I offer your wallpapers for download on my site? If you wish to offer/promote my free downloads please send the traffic to the demo page of the artworks page e.g. (XXX = Number of Artwork) where the download link is located.
Q7) I am still waiting for a reply for my E-mail I sent you. E-mails sent to me can take some time to get to and reply do to the amount of messages I sometimes get so please bear with me. Until you get a reply, no permissions and or deals have been given/made for any subject of usage, terms and or services.
Q8) Is your logo satanic!? No! This is just a logo I came up with for my company. I am a strong Christian and do not have any ties to anything other than Christianity and Graphic Design.
Q9) Is this your day job or hobby? I do work when I can but most times this is my full time job and hobby. I put what I earn from sales and donations back into the company to create better products and pay bills to keep this site running.
Q10) What is Digital Realism? Digital Realism is artwork designed by hand inside the 3D space of a computer. Using softwares instead of paper and a mouse in place of a pen or pencil. I can turn my ideas, dreams and more into amazing works of art that take you away from the standard world. My saying is, "Forget their world, create your own." and with my artwork, you can do just that! When you look into my one of a kind designs you can almost feel your self slip into the art. Thats what I love to do, give you a vacation from your everyday life that can only be Digital Realism.
Q11) I am getting a flagged for abuse of this site warning!? I, my Artwork and this site are getting big enough that Spammers are starting to attack it daily. Whenever there is a message sent or comment posted, the IP (Internet Provider Address) is logged. If spam is found, the IP logged with that spam is added to a flagged list and is not allowed to view parts of this site such as download areas, contact forms and demo pages. If you truly believe you were added unfairly or you no longer wish to be a spammer and want to be a respectable user of this site please go to the link stated on the Flagged Warning (Visit one of the pages you get the warning to get the URL, "link"). BUT PLEASE NOTE, if your IP is flagged once again after being removed your IP will be banned from viewing this site for one (1) Year with no chance at getting off for at least six (6) months.
Q12) Can I link to your images for displaying (Hotlinking)? I do not allow hotlinking of my images (except for support banners) because it adds to my total running costs. There are plenty of free image hosting sites (Search Google)that you can host images for your own needs.
Q13) I saw an artwork on the "in progress" page but it has disappeared or is taking a long time..? New artwork projects are a balance of settings to get the right look and a clean render. The biggest reason for an artwork not being posted in the gallery is do to rendering needs. The renders I am attempting to do these days require many, many gigabytes of memory and tons of CPU power, PER rendering node. Some scenes needing as much as 100+ GBs of ram per node. Another reason can be that I still don't think an artwork is ready for posting. If it lacks in realism or just does not feel right I will take the time to play with it and find out what it needs, or has to much of. Regardless of the reason I very rarely trash a project altogether. So from just needing bigger computers (or more of them) to finding the right look you can be sure that 99% of my work WILL be posted. When? That's not something I can answer for certain. Want to help speed it along? Continue your support by comments, downloads and buying products! Remember, the money I make from sales is what enables me to do bigger and better artwork, and in the process get to where I can finish the "on hold" projects!
Q14) What if I have a question about something not covered here? Please Contact Me with any questions you may have.