My name is Josh DeHaan. I am a native to Denver, CO. I was born on March 5th, 1985.

The bulk of my years growing up were not quite normal. My parents were heavily into the 80's rock music scene, and because of this I grew up backstage at concerts from bars to huge outdoor venues. Later, as my Dad moved out of managing some of Colorado's hottest bands and into his own studio at our home, then ended up opening a Christian night club, Club 3:16 in Littleton, CO. later moving our studio into the backstage area. There we did many concerts, music video shoots, TV filming, records & more. I was only around 14 years of age at this time, but I was one of the main technicians in running the lighting, sound, cameras, setup and etc. In 1999, we joined a group that went to Nairobi , Kenya (Africa) to do a 12 hour festival new years eve (1999/2000). The concert had 150,000+ people and were heard “clear as a bell 5 miles away” as the local media reported, we knew how to party! We were invited back by the King & Queen to do the festival next new years (2000/2001). It was in a smaller area but still did well over 110,000 people. On our way back, we stopped in New York, NY. Saw the city and viewed the empire and twin towers from there. Not knowing that only a few months from then, 9/11 would change our world. I mention this because the embassy in Kenya was bombed the year before we were in Nairobi, witch was linked to al qaeda. We took a tour of the wreckage and rebuilding while there but since this was a hotspot, after 9/11 we were not able to go back to Africa to do a 3rd year concert... We have not been back since.

Now, at home in Colorado we worked on our studio, club, sound & lighting business to this day. Today, with my artwork ever growing, the question I am most asked is how did I get into doing graphic artwork. Well, it began back in 1998 when my Dad just ordered a top of the line Pentium III (I know) tower to run his recording studio software on. Along with some game demos, it came with a full version of Adobe photodeluxe, a basic user friendly version of photoshop. It allowed me to play with photos, patterns and basic drawings & after awhile, I created my first image. Now keep in mind this first image to me was out of this world by my current standards since it was my first creation, but this encouraged me to continue making artwork. After awhile I knew this was something I was going to be doing for good, I started to research my new hobby and discovered new things, ideas, techniques, software and hardware upgrades & plugins! Years later, I had a ever growing portfolio with images I was proud to showcase whenever I could. I'll admit, I started with very basic, simple and some would say “lame” work, but once I found the real photoshop and the realm of 3D design programs, I entered an elite class of graphic design and environment creators, now that I finally had the tools that allowed me to express my visions.

Now fully pursuing my career, I started to realize the demand on technology my skills were taking. I began building my own computers from a first gen 64-bit single core, to my current quad core workstation and now my next rig in design with 24 cores of rendering bliss. I am fully on my way to creating ever increasingly complex designs. My newer work has been viewed & downloaded by millions, sold on products in 8 countries and is increasingly growing. Now, I am pursuing a new media to display my creative works on, film & animation. I have business partners with exciting plans to offer my work on new media and products to further grow my presence in the graphic world.

I hope this gave you some insight into who I am, and what I am about. This is just a first draft and I hope to further update this with even more detail into my creative empire I am working hard on. But, until then thanks for your support and hope you enjoy my current and future designs!

Josh DeHaan