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Health & Art Update!
« on: September 08, 2011, 03:10:20 AM »
Well, The site has gone without an update for awhile and I thought I would post with some info as to why, and what's next. So...

About 3 months ago I started having some health issues. From pains that I thought were heart related, to mind boggling gut pain. Then, I started having problems with my GI track, giving me huge amounts of gas build up in my stomach, leading me to believe it was heart pain. So after months of pain, panic attacks, and being told It was not my heart, after being rushed to the ER for the 2nd time. I took it as maybe I should work out more, get back into really good health. So, I started walking a few miles a week, swimming and lifting weights... I thought it would help, and it did a bit, but mostly I felt worse. Finally I ended up in the ER again, this time because my gut pain was bad. 15 hours of tests, x-rays and ultrasounds I finally got an answer. I had a umbilical hernia. I felt better just knowing something WAS wrong, not that it was all just in my head. Now I had something to look at to solve. I saw my doctor, with this information at hand and was setup for surgery on September 26th. At the time, that was 6 weeks away, but at least I was on a countdown to getting my life back.

On the night of august 12th I was rushed back to the ER do to vomiting, intense pain, and my GI track shutting down.. At 1 am, sunday morning I was rushed into emergency surgery to repair my hernia, which had become strangulated (intestines being pushed through the hernia and becoming stuck, cut off from blood flow and dieing if not repaired fast).

Surgery lasted a little over 2 hours I was told. The hernia was fixed and reinforced by a mesh implant, and I didn't have to lose any intestines! I spent 2 days in the hospital as they made sure my white cell count was back to normal, it was high before do to the infection starting by my intestines being cut off. My gut now has a 9" incision with over 30 staples holding me together. Every cough was an hour of bleeding, but I was finally able to get well enough to come home.

I am now in my 3rd week of recovery and have about 2 more weeks left. Meaning I can't do much, no lifting over 10lbs. But, I am better to the point where I am able to get back to normal, somewhat. I was even able to work on some new artworks in the last week. Anyways, this is my story of why I have been MIA the last couple months. But, I'm pulling out of it, better every day and rest assured that new artworks, and products are coming soon. Finally!

I just want to say thanks for reading, caring, and bearing with me during this scary chapter of my life, which I am happy to say is finally coming to an end.

Now I can have my life back!
Josh DeHaan
3D Artwork, Inc.

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